Glenn Terrell Jr., former WSU President died on Friday.  Although later in life, he and I became friends, and had a grudging admiration for each other, during my college years, I drove the poor guy a bit nuts from my perch as the first student ever elected to the Pullman City Council.  I was also the last elected – which I am sure had much to do with my tenure – but that is another story.

Dr. Terrell was my friend and I wish him rest.

I was reminded today when author, Jeff Benedict, emailed me the New York Times review of his new book “The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football,” about Football’s place in my relationship with Dr. Terrell.  You see, even before going to law school I filed my first lawsuit (pro se).  The suit was filed to stop the use of student money to help fund athletics (primarily Football) after it was revealed that other University funds were being funneled into Football.  The scandal brought a vote of no confidence from the faculty and nearly brought down Dr. Terrell’s presidency.

I never much liked College Football after that.

Coincidentally, I am on a flight to Hollywood to meet with a group interested in turning Jeff’s last book, Poisoned, into a movie.