I read this morning that China and the United States have signed an agreement that aims to ensure Chinese food, drugs and other exports meet US standards – now I’m worried. What concerns me is not that Chinese producers of the affected products must register with local authorities and submit to annual inspections, but the purpose is to ensure US standards are met. Given that US Corporations do such a terrific job of poisoning our own citizens, I am worried that China is only trying to meet US standards.  That is not a lofty goal.

Getting China down to our standards – that’s the goal I guess.  Also, the New York Times reported – “China and U.S. in Food Safety Accord” – according to the article:

Michael Leavitt, secretary of health and human services, said he expected that officials of the United States Food and Drug Administration would eventually be embedded in China’s food safety bureaucracy to help train Chinese officials and keep records on their inspections.

So, let me get this right – last week we heard that the FDA did not have enough inspectors to deal with manufacturers in this country, or at the border, but we can loan inspectors to China to lower their standards to ours – that’s brilliant.