Reuters reports that China is considering a food safety law that provides for penalties of up to life imprisonment for people responsible for the production of substandard food.  Lesser violations of the law could incur fines, confiscation of income from sales of substandard products, or revocation of licenses.  See full article – China food safety law to allow for life in jail.

You have to admit that if US food corporate executives faced prison time for sickening customers, perhaps food safety would be a bigger part of the corporate agenda.

I look forward to attending (and co-sponsoring) the following Conference in China:

The description of the conference is:

Food safety is a worldwide issue that can benefit greatly from collaboration, standardized approaches, and common solutions. In many countries, food safety awareness is at an all-time high. New and emerging threats to the food supply are constantly being discovered, and our food supply is becoming increasingly global. Achieving food safety success in this changing environment requires novel prevention strategies, greater harmonization and more collaboration at the international level than ever before.

Picture from last year’s Conference (I’m in the middle, back row):