David Barboza of the New York Times wrote in "China Cracks Down on Food Safety Violators" that “Beijing has been moving aggressively in recent months to complete a six-month long campaign to root out fake and substandard food, drugs, toys and other consumer goods….” He also noted that last year, Zheng Xiaoyu, the former head of the State Food & Drug Administration, was executed for accepting bribes and failing to properly supervise the food and drug market…. Now, Beijing is drafting legislation that could mete out the ultimate punishment for drug companies or others whose products harm or kill large numbers of people — the death penalty.”

One wonders if the US Food Supply would be safer if “the ultimate punishment” was levied against the heads of USDA and FDA who fail to protect the public, and the heads of corporations who sicken and kill their customers? I guess it would give a different meaning to “heads will roll?”