Hi, this is Remy Morritt. I have to keep saying to myself, “Don’t look down!” I am here at MarlerClark law office. Today is career day at my school, Assumption St. Bridget, and I decided I would like to see what a lawyers life would be like. Luckily, Bill Marler is a friend of my dad, and he kindly let me come to his office and bug him. Right now I am sitting 66 floors up, (even higher than the Space Needle!) typing up a passage for Bill’s blog.

I want to be a drummer in a band when I grow up, but I decided to talk to Bill because I want to become a lawyer more. I was thinking of doing damage or crime cases if I become a lawyer, but I like the idea of food poisoning like e.coli and salmonella. I am fascinated on what they are doing now, cases of poisoning from peanut butter. Apparently the peanut butter was in a packet (nasty).

I’m glad I’m doing Bill because my dad knows him, so I feel more comfortable. I also heard that he was the first to come to our house when I was born.  I also love the office, especially the view and the really nice people who work there. The pictures of all the newspaper articles interest me, seeing that there are thousands of cases of e.coli, salmonella, and other poisons. I think if I ever become a lawyer, I will be interested in food poisoning, and it will be all thanks to MarlerClark.