I did two of the cable channels before 7:00 AM this morning in between doing three radio shows:


  • Regarding Bill Marler@Bruce Clark,I do not think many people are not really educated on all these attronerys do. They are here to help the food industry keep people safe, and people who get sick,someone has to be their to help educate and change laws and yes companys need to be looked and and have a restution,people would feel differently if it happened to someone in their life. I can say from first hand experience they worked way above and beyound to help my daughter Stephanie Smith who got e-colia from hamburgers,and no they were not under cooked,they were highly contaimined and now my daughter can not walk,work,she has brain damange,her kinneys are failing,she is depressed and she is only 23,it breaks my heart everyday. But Bill Marler and his firm are working to change laws and protect us all,so they get paid for it,they should,why should the public pay for bad products so short cuts can be made and they can save money.
    I can not say enough good things they have done for my family and what they are trying to do for everyone,even if you do not know. Just may-be we should all think about it and educate ourselves alittle more. My family and I are so very grateful to Bill Marler and Bruce Clark and their firm. Thank-you and keep up the great work. Sharon Smith