Given that I have spent nearly 20 years taking some $600,000,000 from food companies – the very, very vast majority major corporations – for victims – mainly children, when I saw the below fall into my inbox this morning, I thought it came from a titan of some multinational, behemoth, mass-produced food corporation (you know who your are). Instead it was from a raw milk farmer I sued on behalf of two children who drank his raw milk and who nearly died from E. coli O157:H7 caused Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

Mark-McAfee-of-Organic-Pastures-B.jpgI am half way through POISONED the book by Jeff Benedict.

Bill has been crowned the dashing prince of food safety and savior of children and little girls. The one thing that I can really identify with is the author’s description of Marler’s unique and powerful use of the media to drive public opinion and emotion.

Marler used that power very effectively (and unethically and probably illegally) [I would dispute both of those characterizations] when he created video to tell his story during the 2006 situation in CA. Bill is a master of battle field strategy and cunning deception…. something that any general would be jealous of. He can drive emotion, create drama and sway public opinion like no other.

Now…. the dangerous part…. he is loved by the FDA and they pray at his feet like he is a god. He has access to the president and the FDA follows his lead as if he has entranced them into a cult.

The fact that more than 600 copies of this book will be given to members of congress and the president and the first lady is really really sobering.

Read POISONED….ignorance is not bliss. 


June 8, 2011 | Mark McAfee [that is Mark in the picture]

Read his full comment here. Read more about the 2006 Organic Pastures E. coli Outbreak on Post 1, Post 2, Post 3 and Post 4.

  • I especially like the part “the dashing prince of food safety” and the “master of battle field strategy”,
    SO true!

  • mark mcafee

    I would say all of this again and again.
    Raw milk is a very effective food to reverse a whole gambit of serious medical conditions. Not becuase it is magic, but becuase it is biodiverse and whole. Your gut needs the biodiversity in order the function properly.
    That is one of the reasons that humans that drink raw milk watch their asthma, IBS, Crohns, and other immune related illnesses get better and or dissappear completely over time.
    It is undisputed that 80% of the human immune system comes from the biodiversity of healthy gut bacteria. But…the modern medical systems and FDA policies forbid biodiversity in our diets…hence immune depression. Yogurt does not do it with its 3 monocultures of lab strained bacteria.
    Raw milk safely produced can have more than 100 at low levels. There is a reason that Raw Milk in CA is thriving under the OPDC and CDFA food safety systems that are in place.

  • Gabrielle Meunier

    I’d take it all as a compliment . . . (except for the unethical and illegal part — those are not true and he knows it)

  • Melissa Herzog

    Well Good Morning “Your Majesty” LOL
    Do you think HUS will ever make that list of SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITIONS? Just wondering.

  • Doc Mudd

    “Raw milk is a very effective food to reverse a whole gambit of serious medical conditions…”, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah
    This set of contorted quack beliefs is borderline insane.
    If not willfully fraudulent, the snakeoil salesman may be certifiable. Good that your client got their settlement before the accused was judged mentally incompetent to stand trial.

  • Dog Doctor

    Mr. McAfee can you provied a refernce for your “It is undisputed that 80% of the human immune system comes from the biodiversity of healthy gut bacteria.”
    Doing several searches, I could not find an article that had your “undisputed” information so could you provide a referenced from a referred journal?

  • Sam

    You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Perhaps you should stick to internet forums more friendly to your ideological crusade.

  • minkpuppy

    No one likes a sore loser and it’s apparent in this case that Mr. McAfee has learned nothing from his misfortunes. Take some responsibility instead of hiding behind “raw milk the magical food”.

  • Mary McGonigle-Martin

    It is amazing how two people can read the same book and walk away with a completely different perspective. I know you have compassion about the illnesses that Chris and Lauren suffered, but when you write words like this, you come across as a complete insensitive idiot. There is one thing that you and Bill can agree on: it is important keep the cow shit out of the milk.
    We had Chris’ annual post HUS blood and urine tests today. It broke my heart as I had to listen to the nephrologist explain to Chris how important it is that he take good care of his kidneys because he’s at risk for kidney disease due to the hit his kidneys took when he was seven. For 7 days his kidneys didn’t work at all and then another 9 days he continued to need dialysis to clean his blood. He explained to Chris that he has scarring on his kidneys and this will need to be monitored the REST OF HIS LIFE.
    Pathogenic cow shit was not Chris and Lauren’s friend.

  • California

    Mark McAfee fought the passing of AB 1735 tooth-and-nail, and still expresses sour grapes over the veto of SB 201, his bill designed to set-back raw milk food safety standards in California. Since the new standards were put into place, there has not been a recognized outbreak linked to legal raw milk. Would this be the case if SB 201 had passed and raw milk standards were magic-based instead of science-based?

    It is understandable why Mark sees the relationship with his customers as symbiotic, and gets so passionate. Desperate moms of children with incurable illnesses (autism, asthma, etc.) flock to him willing to pay top dollar for “hope.” And…what could it hurt? Of course, given the risky nature of raw milk, this relationship can quickly turn parasitic (the 2006 outbreak). But, as all snake oil salesmen know, there a never-ending supply of desperate, hopeful people. When the disillusioned drift away, you never hear those “testimonials.” And, why doesn’t Mark and his supporters discuss the studies that do not support his marketing….for example, the WAPF-funded Stanford study: “ Effect of Raw Milk on Lactose Intolerance SymptomsA Randomized Controlled Trial”
    Conclusions: “These results, collected under standardized and controlled conditions, do not support the widespread anecdotal claims by proponents that raw milk has benefits over pasteurized milk regarding the symptoms of lactose intolerance.”