Given that I have spent nearly 20 years taking some $600,000,000 from food companies – the very, very vast majority major corporations – for victims – mainly children, when I saw the below fall into my inbox this morning, I thought it came from a titan of some multinational, behemoth, mass-produced food corporation (you know who your are). Instead it was from a raw milk farmer I sued on behalf of two children who drank his raw milk and who nearly died from E. coli O157:H7 caused Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

Mark-McAfee-of-Organic-Pastures-B.jpgI am half way through POISONED the book by Jeff Benedict.

Bill has been crowned the dashing prince of food safety and savior of children and little girls. The one thing that I can really identify with is the author’s description of Marler’s unique and powerful use of the media to drive public opinion and emotion.

Marler used that power very effectively (and unethically and probably illegally) [I would dispute both of those characterizations] when he created video to tell his story during the 2006 situation in CA. Bill is a master of battle field strategy and cunning deception…. something that any general would be jealous of. He can drive emotion, create drama and sway public opinion like no other.

Now…. the dangerous part…. he is loved by the FDA and they pray at his feet like he is a god. He has access to the president and the FDA follows his lead as if he has entranced them into a cult.

The fact that more than 600 copies of this book will be given to members of congress and the president and the first lady is really really sobering.

Read POISONED….ignorance is not bliss. 


June 8, 2011 | Mark McAfee [that is Mark in the picture]

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