We have continued to upgrade and improve www.outbreakdatabase.com and nearly are ready for launch.  We have a few "bugs" to work out and we are going to link to the CDC and CSPI databases too.  We would still love any input, advise or criticism.

  • Tim

    1. It would be nice to have the ability to enter a range of dates: for example 2008-2010.
    2. When I get the no results page, there should be a link to go back to the search (which will have the fields still filled in). Just like when you have results and you have the “return to search” link.
    3. Any reason why the day/month is on the left column but the year is in the title? When I do a search without specifying a year, it would be nice to see all of the date info on the left (month, date and year).
    4. On the first search results page, I think two additional data points would be good in the summary: number of people affected and country and state.
    5. To embrace a larger audience, I suggest providing definition links for some terms such as “Number ill by Case Definition Known” – what exactly does this mean?
    6. With that same audience in mind, perhaps provide a link to a page that describes how this whole recall system works.
    7. Again, maybe your target is more sophisticated experts in the field, but it would be great to have links to define what these organisms are.

  • Loren

    1. It would be useful to have the number of search results listed on the search results page.
    2.The “About” page doesn’t make it totally clear to me a)how comprehensive the database is (how much is likely left out?) or what the source of the data is.
    3. There is at least one date error–there is a result that displays December, 2010 in Massachusetts, which is (obviously) impossible, and the month in the text of the result is listed as unknown.