Sometimes we want our politicians to be so perfect when we are not, and we fail to see the mistake of making perfect the enemy of good.  I have my differences with Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (D-Shafter) on raw milk, but on most issues (probably 90%) I bet we see eye to eye.

A particular "Shout-out": to the Senator on:

A measure (SB 416) to phase out the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in animals meant for human consumption.  Antibiotic resistant infections are on the rise nationwide, and many believe the use of antibiotics as a feed additive given daily to healthy animals is contributing to the trend. Concerned that the effect may be particularly harmful to the bodies of small children, Florez made school meal programs the initial target of Senate Bill 416. Under SB 416, schools could not serve meat or poultry treated with non-therapeutic antibiotics after January 1, 2012. By 2015, the ban on non-therapeutic antibiotics would apply to any animal raised for human consumption in the state.

Another bill (SB 173) to bolster the state’s food safety system by requiring food growers and processors to promptly report a positive test for any food-borne illness to the California Department of Public Health and maintain records of all testing for two years. The bill would also give CDPH the power of mandatory recall. Under SB 173, any processor who does not test and later has a recall will face an automatic shutdown for six months and must cover all of the state’s costs related to the outbreak.