It is sunny and nearly 70 here in Seattle – Shhh, don’t tell anyone.  I was heading to the ferry to go home and decided to finish up some emails.  Here is one I just got from someone that I kindly declined to help:

I have in my posession a plastic bag of salt that i purchased here in walnut creek that made me extremly ill. The salt is emitting some kind of gas that causes the bag elastic to balloon up until i release the gas. I have been poisoned on numerous occasions from restaurant food here and was almost killed by a pizza delivered to my person by dominoes. Ive made numerous complaints to the e.p.a. concerning these issues how ever Im seeking damages. Ive found out that my very own parents poisoned me when I was very youn and that numerous time have been poisoned by mother and sister. Its some kind of magic potion. Any way is ther any thing that you could do to helpo me over the poisoned bag of salt. Ive been the victim of a really scary scam here that has cost me a lot of money and much of my life. Im at the bottom of the barrell here and could use some help to recover damages. I was set up the day I was born to be a slave laborer and then to be robbed of all my work and money. the use of poison and magic potions kept me in a state of semi conciousness for numerous years. Now, due to health detoxification, my mind and health has recovered to where I can see and understand what has been happening. Im a great guy, who works hard, and hasent wronged any one. Why is all of thgis accuring to me that I should suffer such losses? can you be of assistance. I havent been able to find any help here in this area. Ive physiucally have been able to recover from poisoning, how ever the fourty years that it has taken needs to be compensated for. can you advise me.

Now I am stuck for an hour looking out from the 66th floor.  I think I should go outside.