resample_brochure.jpgCrack Defense Lawyer, Alan Maxwell, and I will be co-chairing again this conference on “Advanced Strategies for Tackling the Underlying Science and Defending Against Complex Food Contamination Claims.” The two-day conference will be on Wednesday, October 27 to Thursday, October 28, 2010 at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States. On the registration website ACI warns:

… many experts within the industry are predicting that food-borne illness will soon become the #1 cause of litigation facing the food industry…. In an environment such as this, your client cannot afford to be caught unprepared. Now is the time for food companies, and the lawyers who advise them, to get updated on:

• What new pathogens are infecting our food supply – and how to best trace and isolate them in the context of a food contamination incident

• How to maintain control of the corporate message and the media while preserving your relationship and reputation with the consumer and corporate stakeholders

• Selecting the best scientific/medical expert for your case – what to look for in a consulting vs. testifying expert

• The investigative priorities of government regulators – and how they will impact litigation going forward

Are you armed with your best strategies to face this rising tide of litigation?

Although everyone needs a defense, my pitch at the conference to the companies would be to focus on food safety and not poison their customers in the first place – but, that is just me.