According to Bioniche and press reports, the USDA has agreed to grant a conditional license to Bioniche for its E. coli O157:H7 Cattle Vaccine.

Is this the “silver bullet” to solve the recent uptick in E. coli recalls and human illnesses? I have had the opportunity to meet with Bioniche scientists and executives over the years and am pleased to see a potential weapon against these deadly bacteria. The Bioniche vaccine prevents the E. coli O157:H7 bacteria from attaching to the intestines of vaccinated cattle, thereby reducing their reproduction within the animal, and reducing the amount of bacteria that can be released through cattle manure in the environment.

I am looking forward to the continued study of this promising vaccine.  Clearly we need it.  I found this great chart on the Ethicurian about the increases in recalls:

In the last 15 years here are a few of the defendants we have sued on behalf of E. coli victims:

AFG, AgVenture Farms, Bauer Meats, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Byerly’s, Cargill, Carneco, China Buffet, ConAgra, Crossroads Farm Petting Zoo, Cub Foods, Dole, Emmpak, Excel, Finley School District, Fresno Meat Market, Gold Coast Produce, Golden Corral, Habaneros, Interstate Meats, Jack in the Box, Karl Ehmer, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kids Korner Day Care, King Garden, Lane County Fair, Lunds, Odwalla, Natural Selections, Olive Garden, Organic Pastures, Peninsula Village, Pat & Oscar’s, PM Beef Holdings, Robeson School District, Sam’s Club, Sizzler, Spokane Produce, Sodexho, Supervalu, Taco Bell, Taco John’s, Topps, United Food Group (UFG) and Wendy’s

I guess they all could have used a bullet or two?