I-884, the Education Trust Fund Initiative, raises the sales tax from 6.5 to 7.5%. Sure, no one likes taxes, but there are times when we really need to invest in our kids’ future, and that time is now. The Trust Fund creates 10,000 high-quality preschool places, so poor kids get a good start. In kindergarten through high school, the Trust Fund helps reduce class size, increase teacher pay – specifically those who become board certified or who teach in math and science. The Trust Fund also creates 32,000 more places in our community colleges and universities, so quality students are not turned away. The Trust Fund expands finanical aid and increases the scholarships from the top 15% to the top 30% of high school graduates, so they can afford to attend. Finally, the Trust Fund invests in university based research that will generate new businesses and jobs. It is time for us to stop just “talking the talk” about education being the key to our future and “walk the walk” by stepping up and investing a penny for education.