I sat in a mediation today in San Francisco until it became painfully obvious that Dole, Natural Selection Foods, Mission Organics and Pic-n-Save were unwilling to fairly compensate a Wisconsin woman who nearly died after eating E. coli O157:H7-tainted spinach in 2006.  She was hospitalized for months and incurred nearly $500,000 in medical bills.  Good news is that I get to sue them in the morning.  I am sure a good jury in Wisconsin will treat her much more fairly.

I had time to draft an Op-ed on the interconnectedness of the the health care debate and food safety.  If I do not get it published, I’ll post it here in a few days.  I also had time to finish up my keynote speech at an upcoming food safety conference in Beijing China in a few weeks.  I think China can learn from our mistakes.  Click below to download the PowerPoint.  Click here to see video.