I had a long walk through the streets of Shanghai this morning and kept thinking about how I get dozens of comments when I take on raw dairy poisoning people, but seldom get a word when I take on big ag for being responsible for the same – go figure.  Although some of the commentators to my blog are clearly more than a bit paranoid – especially when it comes to raw milk and raw milk cheeses.

Yet, they do have a solid point that they believe the FDA and FSIS are more apt to shutter a small processor than a larger one.  It would be interesting to do a study on recalls, outbreaks and closures and compare it to company size.  I wonder if size really matters?  Or, is it that the FDA and FSIS simply do not like it raw? You must also wonder what the FDA and FSIS folks here at the upcoming Food Safety Conference would think about the below:




photo4.JPGFinally, I wonder if the raw milk folks felt that big ag was getting whacked by the “food police” as often as raw milk seems to be to them if they would stop whining?  My guess, not.