I must admit I like Washington DC.  Every time I get here I seem to pack much in, because there is always so much to do.  I had a full day today and will be on the Hill all Friday pitching food safety.

I started out the morning with a presentation to the American Insurance Association.   I presented to them ways to get food manufacturers to pay more attention to the details of safe food production.  My pitch was that if food manufacturers took care of their customers (stopped poisoning them), insurance companies would spend a lot less money on my clients.

I then had meetings with the folks at Pew Food and Consumer Product Safety and the Center for Science in the Public Interest Food Team.  Both are doing good work to protect consumers.

I even had time to get stuck in traffic because the street near my hotel was blocked due to the White House Farmers Market.

Also, www.foodsafetynews.com gets a few more mentions.  Tom Karst, over at the Packer, wrote today – "Bill Marler is everywhere (again)."

Food safety attorney Bill Marler has created another level to his omnipresence. Check out this Web site called Food Safety News. The site seems to be well-staffed – I met one FSN.com reporter at the United Fresh WPPC event. I’m not sure what the revenue model is…perhaps this is what Bill will do after a perfected food production system “puts him out of business.”