I am pleased to support and participate in the second South Arica Food Safety Summit June 8 and 9, 2021.  Since it is virtual, I urge world-wide participation – https://foodsafetysummit.co.za/#top

Our inaugural 2020 Summit focussed on all the lessons we have learned during this global pandemic. Although the pandemic is still top of mind, we do need to make sure we pay attention to the real food safety issues facing the food industry.

Our event is perfectly timed to mark the celebrations of World Food Safety Day 2021 on 07 June 2021 and thus it is fitting that we will be paying attention to the latest food safety innovations to ensure we are prepared to make safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.

The Food Safety Summit 2021 is a team effort and Anelich Consulting and Food Focus are proud to once again partner for this event. We look forward to teaming up with you too as we come together as food safety professionals.