In September of 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) linked a Listeria outbreak to cantaloupe produced in the Rocky Ford region of Colorado. On October 18, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released the findings of an investigation at Jensen Farms. The report details unsanitary conditions and improper practices at the farm’s cantaloupe packing facility. The outbreak has become the most deadly in recent U.S. history and sickened a total of 146 – killing at least 35.

Marler Clark is representing three dozen of the victims and their families, including the Stevens, the Palmers, the Jones and the Beaches. Just the medical bills alone for these four families were over $600,000.

2011 Jensen Farms Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak from Marlerclark on Vimeo.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    Watching the video saddens me. I am a member of the Paul A Schwarz Jr family that Mr Marler represents. My father entered the hospital on the 19th of September never to return home. He was released on the 21st of October to a nursing facility. He remained there until his death on the 18th of December. Listeria took my father from my mother. This June would have been their 69th wedding anniversary. Listeria took our father from us. The last time he spoke my name was on the 21st of October. This was shocking to me as he rarely spoke my name up to that point. Dad was a spry 92 year old before listeria entered his body by way of eating cantaloupe. He survived WWII in the South Pacific but not listeria. I was constantly telling him to use his cane when walking in the house. I miss him every day. My mother still cries when thinking of dad.
    When will we have congressional hearings? Why has congress ignored us?

  • How very sad! Makes me realize that there are dangers out there in our food supply. We just take for granted that what we purchase is good and healthy. If we only knew the reality.