The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office reached a settlement with Xin Jiang, the owner of “Anna’s Kitchen,” a popular Chinese food delivery business that operated through WeChat and primarily marketed itself to Chinese foreign exchange students at UC Davis in a civil enforcement action. The Yolo County Environmental Health Division began investigating Mr. Jiang after receiving multiple complaints from UC Davis students who reported becoming ill after ordering and consuming food prepared and delivered by Anna’s Kitchen. The investigation revealed that Mr. Jiang did not have a permit to operate a food facility in Yolo County, and had repeatedly delivered hundreds of meals that had not been kept properly hot or cold for extended periods of time, increasing the likelihood of food-borne illness.

The settlement was approved by Yolo County Superior Court Judge Peter M. Williams on December 18, 2019. Mr. Jiang admitted wrongdoing and is no longer operating Anna’s Kitchen. Mr. Jiang will pay $106,997 in costs and penalties, and will forfeit an additional $90,000 in penalties if he is discovered operating Anna’s Kitchen or offering any type of food for retail purchase without a valid permit going forward. Anyone with an outstanding “VIP Card” balance may obtain a cash refund or restaurant credit at Hunan Bar & Restaurant, located at 207 D Street in Davis.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig stated, “Consumers who purchase food have the right to expect that their meals are being prepared, handled, and delivered safely and correctly by businesses. We thank the Yolo County Environmental Health Division for bringing these student complaints to our attention, and for thoroughly investigating this matter with assistance from our District Attorney Investigators and UC Davis Environmental Health and Safety staff. We remain dedicated to prosecuting individuals and businesses who knowingly jeopardize public health and safety for their own personal profit.”