The Associated Press has chimed in on the lawsuit we filed against Orchid Island Juice on behalf of Heather Dowdy. From the article:

Heather Dowdy of Caldwell filed the lawsuit against Orchid Island Juice Co. of Fort Pierce, Fla., late Thursday in U.S. District Court. Her lawyer, Seattle food illness specialist Bill Marler, said it may be the first of several cases.
Dowdy’s lawsuit said she drank Orchid Island juice on May 30, then fell ill. She sought treatment at a Virginia hospital June 2 and again June 6, when she was admitted with dehydration. Though she was released June 8, her lawyer — Seattle food illness specialist Bill Marler — said his client has been too sick to return to work.
Marler contends Orchid Island was negligent under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, which requires companies to use raw materials that are “clean, wholesome, and free from adulteration and fit for human consumption.”
“If Orchid Island had only pasteurized their juice, this outbreak would not have occurred,” he said.