WillieNelson_3.jpgNo, the other Willie Nelson.

Patti Singer of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in her piece today “Water frog hazards prompt warning,” told the story of 4-month-old, Willie Nelson II and his illness brought on by Salmonella typhimurium from African dwarf frogs. Young Willie, According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of 216 people in 41 states who have been sickened by these tainted toads since April 1, 2009.

The Monroe County Health Department has warned the public:

C287.jpg“For people who have a weakened immune system, it can be very dangerous,” said Dr. Andrew Doniger, director of the Monroe County Department of Public Health. “When you have 200 cases of something like this, there are probably a lot more of them than we know about. There are probably some people infected with minor symptoms who could transmit the disease.” Doniger said he would prefer that people not buy water frogs or at least not purchase them for homes where there are children younger than 5. He also said the frogs should not be in day care settings, nursing homes or hospitals. He added that any store — which can include gift shops and department stores as well as pet stores — should post signs about risks posed by the frogs.”

So, why have the health authorities not released the name of the California frog breeder that has been linked to a two year old Salmonella outbreak?