WHO’s theme this year is Food safety: prepare for the unexpected

NOTE: In June I took a tumble off a 12 foot wall, breaking my back (surgery was very successful) and then got COVID for the first time – so, if I still think it should be June, I hope you understand.

World Food Safety Day on 7 June 2024 will draw attention to food safety incidents. This year’s theme underlines the importance of being prepared for food safety incidents, no matter how mild or severe they can be.

Food safety incidents are situations where there is a potential or confirmed health risk associated with food consumption. A food incident can happen, for example, due to accidents, inadequate controls, food fraud or natural events. While being ready to manage food safety incidents requires dedicated efforts from policymakers, food safety authorities, farmers and food business operators, consumers also can play an active role.

Here are home the FDA and other public heath authorities are tracking two Salmonella Outbreaks (one solved – Florida cucumbers), a Listeria Outbreak (unsolved), an E. coli Outbreak (Walnuts) and an Edible Outbreak.

Me, after another cup of coffee, I’ll be off to the office today to work on dozens of E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc., Outbreaks that food safety professionals were not able to stop.