Cruel and unusual punishment in the meals served at prisons?

It was reported today that Saginaw Correctional Facility remains under quarantine as the number who are sick has climbed to 89 prisoners and seven staff members in a recent E. coli outbreak. Saginaw County Health Department officials have identified the outbreak as a result of shiga toxin-producing E. coli, or STEC. It was not reported which serotype. The quarantine was put into effect Aug. 31 and will remain in place until health department officials determine there is no more potential for infection.

A few weeks ago, Arkansas health officials determined that Salmonella in the chicken salad made almost half the inmates ill at the historic Tucker prison. As many as 357 of the prison’s 849 inmates were stricken beginning Aug. 3 with symptoms that included bouts of both vomiting and diarrhea. The prison gathered the ill in a gymnasium and was forced to cancel visitations and the release of five paroles had to be delayed.

Yet, another reason to stay on the good side of the law.