Josh Mitchell of the Missourian wrote today:  “More Than 300 Get Food Poisoning from Gravy, County Health Officials Estimate.

Franklin County health officials estimate that more than 300 people got food poisoning from gravy that was served at a recent wedding event.  Tests of food and stool samples came back positive for Clostridium perfringens, said Tony Buel, epidemiology specialist with the Franklin County Health Department.  Apparently, several hundred people attended.  Not a wedding to remember fondly.

However, here is the most shocking part.  According to Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Buel said he did not want to release the name of the caterer because it could harm the business. He said he would have to check with the county attorney to see if the name of the caterer could be released.

Releasing the name would harm business?  Really?  What about poisoning a few hundred people?  First, that is bad enough for business and Second, do you really think the attendees of the wedding will keep this a secret?