The Beef Industry and the USDA really need to get their shit together.  This it truly stupid.  It is beyond words.

According to a recent press release:

“The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture today suspended their respective licenses and thereby ceased operations at the Bushways Slaughterhouse facility in Grand Isle, Vermont.

“The Vermont Agency of Agriculture was notified by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) late Wednesday afternoon of alleged animal welfare violations at the facility. The agency immediately referred the matter to the USDA as the facility is operated and monitored under the inspection of USDA.

“USDA and the state have suspended the operation of the facility and are conducting an investigation. These allegations of inhumane handling and treatment of animals if verified, warrant prompt corrective actions to ensure they do not happen again.

“In addition, in accordance with agency animal health statutes, the Attorney General has been notified of possible criminal actions in regards to animal health and welfare.

“The agency finds the alleged animal welfare practices disturbing and states that there is no excuse for the inhumane treatment of animals. These practices are not representative of the industry as a whole in Vermont and such actions will not be tolerated in our state. The agency is taking every action within its power to address the situation.”

  • JN

    Beware that the HSUS is not your local humane society. They are not humane at all. Rather they are a big money international lobbying group pushing a vegan agenda , attempting to destroy farms, and prevent people from having pets or any interaction with animals. This is the same as PETA and their more violent terrorist branches like ALF.
    While the Bushway plant has serious issues that need addressing it is not nearly as bad as HSUS would like you to believe. HSUS used selective reporting to lie to you and missrepresented Dr. Temple Grandin & Vogel’s letter. Reading the original letter finds a different story.
    Remember, HSUS is the enemy of farm animals and farmers. Do not fall for their lies.

  • FB

    I have to second JN’s comment above: I have looked at the HSUS annual statement (required since it is a 501(c)3 corporation), and wow it is interesting. Search for it online, it’s available.
    The amount of money used for direct animal assistance, versus the amount used for “education” (lobbying etc) and the amount “reserved” in interest-bearing funds (about $60Million when I looked) is a few percent, means to me that they are not interested in helping animals at all.
    I’m ashamed to say I actually donated money to their cause before reading their disclosures, thinking they were in fact like a local Humane Society. Well, obviously, they’re not.
    while there are items to be corrected here, I would rather have the USDA paying attention that my next veal has no E Coli, instead of how humanely it was killed. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want animals to suffer – but let’s keep priorities straight. First, keep the food supply safe. If there are extra dollars and inspectors, only then worry about secondary considerations.