I knew this moment would be coming (SPINACH IS SAFE), but frankly, I thought it would be after the conclusion of an investigation, with conclusions and reforms.  I find it perplexing, if not shocking, that Dr. Acheson, for who I have great respect, would simply say all is clear without knowing why this outbreak happened and what we can do to prevent the inevitable next one – if history is any guide.  See my earlier post on past outbreaks tied to lettuce and spinach in the Salinas Valley.  Dr. Acheson’s statements in this Reuters article should cause us all grave concerns about consuming bagged spinach and lettuce:

"The spinach that is going to come on to the market next week or whenever is going to be as safe as it was before this outbreak," Acheson said….Acheson said food growers and processors will have to change some of their practices, although it is not yet clear which ones.