unnamed-one-10-stableIts the Boise Co-op.

I have always thought keeping information from the people (taxpayers) who pay your salaries is a bad idea – See, “Towards a Policy of Secrecy or Transparency in Public Health.”

KTVB reports that Idaho Central District Health Department officials are investigating a number of confirmed Salmonella cases that may be related.

There have been about 30 cases that have tested positive, CDHD said.

The investigation is narrowing in on one “unnamed food establishment” in Boise. The health department is working with that business and going over proper procedure and protocol.

CDHD says it appears the time frame of exposure was between June 3 and June 7.

Would “proper procedure and protocol” be not poisoning customers?

And, why is the food establishment “unnamed?”

If you knew the name of the restaurant, you could check on its safety violation record HERE.