As the Associated Press reported today, undercooked turkey at a Camden restaurant is most likely the cause of one of the worst food-borne illness outbreaks in South Carolina in recent years, the state health department said Friday.
More than 300 people were sickened and one 58-year-old man died after eating at the Old South Restaurant in Camden about two weeks ago. Some 56 people also were hospitalized, according to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control.
My firm is representing nine people who became sick after eating at the restaurant. Like I told Jacob Jordon of the AP, before the restaurant reopens, the buffet should think about how it’s going to compensate those that were sickened.
From the article:

“There’s not going to be even remotely … enough money to compensate these victims,” Marler said. “I don’t like to see restaurants put out of business. Errors happen and they happen, unfortunately, all too frequently.”
Marler said he will consider a possible class-action lawsuit, possibly waiving attorney fees so that those sickened can get as much money as possible.
“My focus is on preventing future outbreaks and coming up with some methodology of fairly compensating innocent victims,” he said.