As of 3 July, there have been a further 13 cases associated with the recent outbreak of STEC O145 since the last update on 27 June. This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 288 in the UK. All currently confirmed cases had symptom onset dates before 10 June. Although case reporting rates are continuing to decline, we expect to see an additional small number of cases linked to this outbreak as further samples are referred to us from NHS laboratories and whole genome sequencing is conducted.

Confirmed case totals:
• 191 in England
• 62 in Scotland
• 31 in Wales
• 4 in Northern Ireland (evidence suggests that they acquired their infection in England)

Based on information from 263 cases to date, 49% were admitted to hospital.

The outbreak of E. Coli has been linked to tainted lettuce leaves found in over 60 sandwiches, wraps and salads sold at 11 major grocery stores.