It is not even officially Summer and we have seen several E. coli outbreaks and nearly 40 illnesses. It is now close to 1,000,000 pounds of meat recalled. USDA, what is going on?

Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., a Sherman, Texas, establishment, is voluntarily recalling approximately 40,440 pounds of ground beef products due to possible contamination with E. coli O157:H7, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today.

The products subject to recall include:

* 1.5-pound trays of “ANGUS STEAK BURGER ALL NATURAL, 85/15, 6- 1/4 POUND PATTIES.”
* 1.33-pound trays of “ANGUS STEAK BURGER ALL NATURAL, 85/15, EXTRA THICK, 4- 1/3 POUND PATTIES.”
* 2.25-pound trays of “73/27 ALL NATURAL GROUND BEEF, CARNE MOLIDA DE RES.”
* 5.5-pound trays of “73/27 ALL NATURAL GROUND BEEF, CARNE MOLIDA DE RES.”

Each label bears the establishment number “Est. 244S” inside the USDA mark of inspection as well as a “Use or Freeze By” date of “JUN 13 07.”

The problem was discovered through trim sampling done by the company. The ground beef products were produced on June 2, 2007 and were distributed to retail establishments in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

  • Ann Reed

    Could you please let me know if any of the recalled burger items were in the Woodward, OK, Walmart?
    Thank You,
    Ann Reed

  • Lisa Johnson

    Well…Here we go again….Myself and my teenage son, as well as my daughter, her future husband and both of my grandson’s have become very sick…Same symptoms as before…”Just not quite as bad this time”…Vomiting, diarrhea, body aches and painful joints…Overall sick feeling…But mostly the strange feeling..As if having been poisoned”…Low grade fever, chills, and fatigue. Could have just been a stomach flu…But We also all purchased ground beef packages from The Walmart here in Owensboro, KY.and ate them during a family cookout. Please advise if the Walmart in Owensboro, KY. received any of this ground beef…Thank You For Your Time..
    Lisa Johnson

  • Sandra Duller

    My daughter purchased ground beef from Walmart and she and her husband have been sick for a week. It is flu like symptoms. They also bought chicken from Walmart at the same time. This was in Fresno CA. She has no packaging left and I was just wondering if she might have ECOLI.
    Thank You
    Sandra Duller

  • Sherry

    I have some stew meat from Wal-Mart in Forney Texas and it has the number EST224S on it. Is this stew meat contaminated also? Thanks. Sherry

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  • Joseph

    Purchased some ground beef from Wal-Mart a week ago here in Stanford, KY. Had horrible symptoms yesterday morning. Aching joints, upset stomach, weak all over and just my body having a weird feeling all around.