Sanlu, now you have done it.  Two gorillas, both from Hangzhou Wildlife World in eastern Zhejiang province and aged one and three, had been diagnosed with crystallization in their urine, according Chinese media.  The news came with the revelation that Chinese officials, suppressing "bad news" during the Olympic games, had ordered a cover-up of the scandal.  

Sanlu Group, the company at the heart of the scandal, met with the government three times to explain the crisis, according to reports – but despite the warnings no recall notice was issued.   The two ill gorillas have joined more than 54,000 babies poisoned throughout the scandal so far.  Four have died.  Both gorillas had been fed with milk powder made by Sanlu.  The company has said the infants became sick after drinking milk contaminated by melamine, a compound used in making plastics and added to cheat nutrition tests.