Two people died while four others are in critical condition in Cebu after eating a fried sea cucumber delicacy on Saturday, a report said. The sea cucumber, a herbivore, is not known for being poisonous but it secretes blue ink from its skin which is potentially lethal to any predators.

According to one official – "Something must have gone wrong when [the victims] prepared the food."

  • Paul Nunes

    Portugese Water Dogs and Portuguese Lawyers are immune from its toxic effects!

  • ur weird

  • Jane

    Who the hell would eat a sea cucumber? very likely the most disgusting creature of all… well, creation! yuck!

  • Go COOKIES and SEA CUCUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that’s amazing!
    i would like to taste one but…..
    i don’t want to be poisoned by it….
    or maybe i can ask to the experts to cook for me…

  • The article lacks detail. I like eating sea cucumbers and it scares me to think you can get poisoned. What happened and how did they end up being poisoned?

  • That look reaaaly weird, i kinda want to touch it….

  • josue perez


  • Dasha

    He is not ugly! he is nice I saved one we were going to cook him on our kayaking trip and when my friend started screaming that he is ugly he slowly looked at her and then at me….I felt so bad for him :( they are cool to touch!!!! but after this contact I don’t want to eat it…

  • anna

    sea cucumber is not poison at all….chinese eat it alot…if u like u can taste it :)

  • Sea cucumber is not only a delicacy for the chinese, its oso an energy booster , equivalent to viagra, if u eat it raw….

  • looks like strawberry jelly with pineapple chunks. hehe, bet it doesn’t taste like that.