I had a great meeting yesterday with ConAgra Foods. I met with a number of food safety employees and ConAgra’s Food Safety Board last time I visited Omaha a few months ago. According to its website and from what I can see, “ConAgra Foods has developed rigorous food-safety practices in all our facilities and manufacturing processes.” It goes on:

One example is our foodborne pathogen control program. Through equipment and process design, operating and sanitation procedures, and other measures, we ensure maximum protection against foodborne pathogens. Our state-of-the-art microbiological and chemistry testing laboratories further strengthen safety controls and research capabilities to address this key issue.

We also share our discoveries through publications and technical presentations; we have worked closely with the USDA and the FDA to provide scientific expertise, some of which has aided development of the food-safety regulations in place today.

The next Food Czar will need to work with industry to find the best practices to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks while at the same time keeping US companies price competitive.  Perhaps leading on food safety will be the way to gain market share?