Health officials say at least five Illinois residents were hospitalized after contracting the bacteria between late August and mid-September. A sixth also was infected by E. coli.  All reportedly ate iceberg lettuce supplied by Detroit-based Aunt Mid’s Produce Company. Officials say there’s no evidence suggesting grocery store lettuce is affected.  Aunt Mid’s says initial results of its processing facility show no contamination.  Michigan health officials issued a public health alert Friday after E. coli sickened 26 people. Some of those who got sick ate lettuce from Aunt Mid’s.

See "History of E. coli and Leafy Greens."  The hunt is on in California’s Salinas Valley for the grower and processor of Aunt Mid’s iceberg lettuce.  Is it also possible that it was "locally" grown in Michigan?  Grown in the Central Valley of California?  I would expect an announcement this week.