From eFoodAlert:

Since USDA hasn’t yet posted a retail consignee list for the JBS Swift Beef Company meat recalls, we’ve decided to pitch in.

The following is a list of live links to retail-level recall announcements that were triggered by the JBS Swift recalls. If you shop at any of these grocery stores, please follow the link to the supermarket chain’s recall announcement for details.

* Bloom and Food Lion Stores in Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia – beef cuts and ground beef
* CostCo – steaks, ribs, ground beef
* Food 4 Less – ground beef, 15%
* Fry’s Food and Drug Stores – ground beef
* Hannaford Bros. Co. – beef cuts and ground beef
* Kroger – ground beef
* Price Chopper – ground beef and beef loin bottom sirloin steaks
* Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc., including Pick ‘n Save, Copps and Rainbow stores – beef cuts and fresh ground beef
* Smith’s Food and Drug Stores – ground beef
* Smith’s Food and Drug Stores in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming – beef cuts and ground beef
* Stop & Shop Supermarket Company – ground beef
* WinCo Foods, LLC Stores in Idaho and Oregon – boneless bottom round roast, steak, carne asada, ground beef

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency advises that meat recalled by JBS Swift was sold under the President’s Choice brand (steaks, roasts and ground beef) in the following stores:

* Ontario: Cash & Carry,Real Canadian Wholesale Club, Dominion, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Freshmart, Loblaws, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaw Superstore, Valu-mart, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs, Westfair, Sue’s Market (205 Don Head Village Blvd., Richmond Hill)
* Québec: AXEP, Intermarché, Loblaws, Entrepôt Presto, Club Entrepôt Provigo, Provigo
* Atlantic Provinces: Cash & Carry, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, Dominion, Freshmart, Red & White, Quick Mart, Save Easy, Atlantic Superstore, Valu-mart

  • Donna Stark

    Thank you so much for this information. My otherwise extremely healthy 26 year old son is currently diagnosed with renal failure, and they don’t know why yet. Another doctor appointment today, but in the mean time, I still cannot get any answers from Kroger about if this meat was sold at Fred Meyer stores. I am convinced he has been stricken by e coli via beef.

  • Chuck

    So, why isn’t a list of retail outlets a mandatory thing? Seems to me that announcing a packer recall is useless information for the general public.