A total of 466 cases of Cyclospora infection have been reported from 16 states and 1 city. The number of cases identified in each area is as follows: Texas (157), Iowa (151), Nebraska (85), Florida (25), Wisconsin (12), Illinois (9), New York City (5), Georgia (4), Kansas (3), Louisiana (3), Arkansas (3), Missouri (3), Ohio (2), Connecticut (1), Minnesota (1), New Jersey (1), and New York (1).

Most of the illness onset dates have ranged from mid-June through early July.

At least 27 persons reportedly have been hospitalized in five states.

Nebraska and Iowa have performed investigations within their states and have shared the results of those investigations with CDC. Based on their analysis, Cyclospora infections in their states are linked to a salad mix. CDC will continue to work with federal, state, and local partners in the investigation to determine whether this conclusion applies to the increase in cases of cyclosporiasis in other states