Grocer tests product for Salmonella, recalls it when found, and takes responsibility for any illnesses – most often none of this happens in the United States.

Swedish grocer, ICA, has withdrawn pork mince and beef mince which proved to contain Salmonella, the company stated in a press release today.  The discovery was made in a routine check.

The beef comes from Ireland and pork from Denmark.

Both goods are in 2500 gram packets with expiration date of 27 January.  The lots in question consists of 2.4 tons of minced beef and 80 kg minced pork .

ICA urges customers who bought the mince to return it to the nearest ICA stores or alternatively call the company’s customer contact.

Customers who suspect they have become ill from ground beef is ICA to first consult a doctor. The company will replace the item and also the consequences that are linked to possible Salmonella contamination.

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