Teresa Ann Boeckel of the Daily Record/Sunday News wrote this morning:

Pennsylvania State officials say some customers got salmonella

Stump Acres Dairy has stopped giving away raw milk after some customers became sick and were diagnosed with salmonella this month. This marks the third time this year that the North Codorus Township dairy has stopped selling or giving away raw milk because of customers becoming ill.

Consumers who got raw milk from the dairy in July experienced gastrointestinal illness and have been diagnosed with salmonella, according to a news release from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. A recent laboratory test result confirmed the presence of salmonella in raw milk at the dairy, the news release states.

Terry Stump, the son of the dairy owner, said Stump Acres hasn’t sold raw milk for about two months. However, the dairy has given it away to people who ask for it. “We will not be giving it away,” Stump said Saturday.

I say – THANK GOODNESS!  Given that there have been repeated incidences of bacterial illnesses related to raw milk, one wonders why the www.westonaprice.org group still exists.  We have been involved with two legal cases involving raw milk sales and illnesses.  I gave a talk last year on the legal implications of selling (or giving away) raw milk – PowerPoint Link.

According to the FDA:

Consuming raw milk may be harmful to health.  From 1998 to May 2005 CDC identified 45 outbreaks of foodborne illness that implicated unpasteurized milk, or cheese made from unpasteurized milk.  These outbreaks accounted for 1,007 illnesses, 104 hospitalizations, and two deaths. This is based on information in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for the week of March 2, 2007.  The actual number of illnesses was almost certainly higher because not all cases of illness are recognized and reported.