A source close to the spinach industry and agricultural politics told me a few interesting facts today:

1.  Spinach Farmers and others businesses hurt financially by the recent spinach recall are considering asking for Federal or State relief along the lines that the airline industry did following 911.

My reaction – shame, shame, shame.  Not one penny has been given to the 204 victims, including 4 deaths, some of who are still in the hospital and still on kidney dialysis.  Four families are missing family members at the holidays when they should still be here but for eating Dole baby spinach.  Again, shame, shame, shame.

2.  FDA and/or CDOH has tipped the spinach industry that the report on the spinach outbreak will be released before Christmas – just in time for another “spinach fest” at yet another meaningless Congressional Hearing on December 19, 2006 in Washington, DC.

I wonder if victims will be invited this time as they have been excluded from other policy discussions.  One must wonder why consumers and those impacted by the spinach industy’s lack of standards would be excluded from a discussion.  Perhaps it is because Hearings are not really a place where truth is sought, but is is simply a venue for politicians to suck up to their big financial contributors.  Again, shame, shame, shame.