onions-and-celery-choppedCostco announced Wednesday and Taylor Farms Pacific announced Thursday that they were recalling celery and onion mix (Costco with chicken) because they may include celery, which could potentially contain E. coli 0157:H7. The products were recalled due to a celery and onion diced blend testing positive for E. coli O157:H7 in a sample taken by the Montana Department of Health. The celery and onion diced blend tested by the state of Montana was used in a Costco Rotisserie Chicken Salad that has been linked to a multi-state E. coli O157:H7 outbreak that has sickened 19.

Are both onions and celery being recalled, or is it just celery and products with celery in them?  It is a bit hard to tell from the FDA Recall Announcement.  Frankly, if it was a blend of celery and onion diced blend that tested positive for E. coli O157:H7, how would you decide what to recall – except for both?

So, was it the celery or the onions? Perhaps a bit of history?


2014 Outbreak of E. coli O157, Fond du Lac Tribe, Minnesota

In July 2014 Minnesota health and agriculture agencies investigated and outbreak of E. coli O157 among residents of the Fond du Lac reservation. Many of the ill cases attended a variety of events taking place in mid-July. A catering company in Cloque…Read More »

SanGar Produce & Processing Company Listeria Chopped Celery 2010

On October 20, 2010, the Texas Department of State Health Services ordered Sangar Fresh Cut Produce, located in San Antonio, Texas, to stop production, and to recall, all products shipped from the plant since January. An investigation found that all…Read More »

Oregon School Norovirus Celery 2007

A confirmed outbreak of Norovirus occurred among people who had eaten celery while at a school in Oregon.…Read More »


Canada Green Onions 2010

An outbreak of Salmonella Oranienberg was linked to the consumption of green onions in Ontario, Canada. The green onions were sold through various outlets of the Highland Farms Supermarkets. They were sold unwrapped and held together with a rubber …Read More »

Chi Chi’s Restaurant Green Onions 2003

Pennsylvania State health officials first learned of a Hepatitis A outbreak when unusually high numbers of hepatitis A cases were reported in late October, 2003. All but one of the initial cases had eaten at the Chi Chi’s restaurant at the Beaver …Read More »

Ohio Restaurant Green Onions 1998

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred among patrons of an Ohio restaurant. The restaurant’s food workers were tested for hepatitis A; there was no evidence that a food handler could have contaminated the food with hepatitis A virus. A case-control st…Read More »

Spokane Dinner Banquet Green Onions 1997

Gastroenteritis caused by Cryptosporidium occurred among members of a group attending a dinner banquet at a Spokane, Washington restaurant on December 18. The ill (87% of the group) had diarrhea and/or abdominal cramping within 10 days of eating the…Read More »

Green Onions/Scallions 1994

An outbreak of Shigella flexneri 6A occurred in two U.S. states. The scallions possibly were contaminated during harvest or packaging in Mexico.…Read More »