The Associated Press Reporter Andrew Bridges reported late this afternoon something that I had suspected this morning (see earlier post) as I drank my first cup of coffee at 5:00 AM after being called by Paul Nunes, my local New York counsel in this case we filed yesterday morning in New York. Andrews reported in part:

A seasoning made with imported Chinese ingredients used on recalled snack foods was contaminated with salmonella, a company official said Tuesday. [This is after Minnesota Department of Agriculture isolated the pathogen in recalled Veggie Booty].

The seasoning, used on both Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks and Veggie Booty snack foods, tested positive for the bacteria, said Robert Ehrlich, president and chief executive of Robert’s American Gourmet Inc. The “veggie” seasoning’s ingredients came primarily from China, the company said.

The company expanded the recall on Monday to include Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks Snack Food, since it uses the same seasoning. Both baked products were sold across United States and Canada.

No other company product uses the spray-on seasoning [I wonder why?].

Ehrlich said he had been unaware of where the ingredients used in the seasoning originated. The products are made under contract; Ehrlich would not identify the manufacturer.

Mr. Ehrlich, who seems to have had an interest in things legal (See earlier posts on his personal litigation and the company’s mislabeling litigation). I look forward to asking him (under oath) why he did not know that the contaminated product came from China? And, asking him why he will not tell the consuming public the name of the manufacturer?

Robert Kessler of Newsday also broke the story of the “China Booty:”

China linked to recalled snack food – ‘Booty’ producer links salmonella with seasonings

Mr. Kessler also penned the following (love the headline):

A foul flavoring – Investigation into tainted snack points to seasonings imported from China as root of salmonella poisonings

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