A San Francisco Bay Area resident has Salmonella St. Paul that has sickened over 100 people in in at least nine states and been linked to consumption of tomatoes.  The California Department of Public Health said Friday that it is working with local officials to determine if the Contra Costa County resident’s illness stemmed from eating tomatoes in California or in another part of the country.  The department also said it is working with Oregon officials to determine if an Oregon resident confirmed to have the strain of the illness known as Salmonella St. Paul ate tomatoes while in Southern California.

  • Cathy

    17 year old daughter ate one thing no one else in our family did on Sunday night, 06/01/2008. A Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell in Victorville, CA. The next morning, she had all the symptoms e-Coli or Salmonella so I rushed her to the doctors and they confirmed food poisoning. As a side note, this just happened to be the day of her high school graduation.