558b154b1a3d8.imageAccording to local press reports, an additional 40 people have been identified with symptoms consistent with salmonellosis — this time in Davie County, North Carolina.

The Davidson County and Davie County health departments began this week began working with the North Carolina Division of Public Health to investigate a gastrointestinal illness outbreak among patrons of Tarheel Q, located at 6835 West U.S. 64 in Lexington. As of Tuesday, the health departments had identified more than 30 individuals in Davidson County with signs and symptoms consistent with salmonellosis.

On Wednesday, the investigation expanded to include 40 additional people in Davie County.

Health officials said all people with symptoms ate at Tarheel Q, located at 6835 West U.S. 64 in Lexington, several days before becoming ill.

At least seven of the individuals had to be hospitalized due to their illness.