pickles.jpgAccording to press reports, contaminated pickles have been linked by the Cook County Illinois Department of Public Health to an outbreak of Salmonella poisoning (no serotype announced).

According to public health officials, six confirmed cases of Salmonella have been linked to pickles purchased from the Assi Market in the Chicago suburb of Niles. Five people have been hospitalized.

Health department officials say all confirmed victims of salmonella poisoning reported eating pickles made at the market and sold in plastic bags between July 25 and July 27, with an Aug. 24 sell-by date.

  • Ken

    30 days shelf life sounds like there isn’t a lot of acid added. The problem with making new lower salt lower calorie products is that flavor wasn’t the only reason they were added and knowing what is critical is hard.

  • Elliot

    Pickles sold in plastic bags? How were they made, I wonder? Did the process meet state health department standards?

  • Marymary

    Lower salt and lower calorie food products have little, if anything, to do with salmonella or any other foodborne illness bacteria/viruses. Enteric bacteria are not the same as spoilage bacteria and should not be confused. Furthermore, we don’t know if the pickles in question were low-salt. Perhaps there was some poor sanitation, poor processing, employee health and hygeine issues, not enough vinegar, etc. We don’t often associate pickles with foodborne illness, but if they weren’t processed or packaged properly, that could be the problem.