The government is urging consumers to thoroughly cook frozen chicken dinners after 32 people in 12 states were sickened with salmonella food poisoning.  The health warning by the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited frozen dishes in which the chicken is raw, but breaded or pre-browned, giving the appearance of being cooked.  They include Milford Valley Farms "chicken cordon bleu," "chicken Kiev," or chicken breasts stuffed with cheese, vegetables or other items.   This is the sixth outbreak in recent years according to the Minnesota Department of Health.  USDA said many of the people who became ill apparently did not follow the package’s cooking instructions and microwaved the chicken dishes even though the instructions did not provide for it.  Microwaving didn’t heat the meals enough to kill the salmonella.

Of course the folks at have all the information on past outbreaks of these products: