Since Friday, August 18, the Arkansas Department of Health has received and is investigating approximately 30 reports of people ill with what is likely a foodborne illness. To date, we have four confirmed cases of Salmonella. At this point, epidemiological information suggests that the Chuck Wagon Restaurant in Stuttgart, Arkansas is the likely site of the outbreak.

Arkansas Department of Health is taking steps to address this outbreak. We are collecting biological specimens from patients that are ill. In addition, we are collecting information about where they have eaten and any other common exposures they might have had. This may include animal or worksite exposure. ADH has inspected the site that has been identified as a common food source for these individuals and identified risks were removed. We have received cooperation from the site and have provided additional food safety training to all employees. Arkansas Department of Health will be conducting a follow-up inspection.

People who ate at the restaurant on or around Aug. 14-16, and are experiencing symptoms should contact their healthcare provider first, and then the Arkansas Department of Health either at 501-537-8969 or by email at