Salmonella OutbreakMichael Burke of the Journal Times of Wisconsin reports that for the second time this year, Nestle’s local plant has shut down a production line after a positive salmonella test. Workers reported, and the company confirmed, that a batch of chocolate chips tested positive for salmonella on Wednesday. Nestle spokeswoman Laurie MacDonald said the batch was made April 22, and the results came back several days later. That production line was shut down for "thorough additional cleaning," MacDonald said Friday. She said cleaning will continue through Sunday, and production is expected to resume Monday. MacDonald said none of the contaminated morsels left the plant. "That product remains under our control," she said, and will be destroyed. In mid-February the company acknowledged a similar incident in which it discovered salmonella during routine testing. Then, as now, MacDonald said none of the contaminated product ever left the plant; it was later destroyed.