0824_rudolph_foods03.jpgRudolph Foods, a leading manufacturer of pork rinds (a snack made by frying or roasting skin (rind) and fat of a pig), has halted production at its Dallas plant after Salmonella was discovered. In a statement issued Thursday, Rudolph Foods confirmed that salmonella was found on floor areas in the “pre-cook” area of its facility during routine environmental testing for unfavorable agents and bacteria.

Rudolph Foods said no bacteria was found on any product contact surfaces or in any finished products.

The pork rind maker expects to resume full production in one week once a thorough cleaning and retesting are complete.

Rudolph supplies salty snacks to Plano-based Frito-Lay sold under the Baken-Ets label.

Rudolph’s Dallas plant is the snack manufacturer’s largest packaging facility, capable of producing 15 million pounds of pork rinds per year. About 65 hourly workers will remain employed during the cleanup process.