Accumulation of life-threatening, caused hemolytic-uremic syndrome caused by bacteria (HUS)

06/06/2011. The reporting data on HUS and EHEC currently suggest a slight decrease in the number of cases. Whether this decline will continue and whether it is due to the reduced consumption of the incriminated food or dried up a potential other source, can not presently be determined. A detailed description can be found at the link below “Current information on the EHEC / HUS outbreak events. According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture, 5 June 2011 give the distribution channels of a Lower Saxon establishment of production suggest that the consumption of sprouts from a specific producer may be operating with the EHEC / HUS is related diseases. The RKI has asked in its surveys of patients from the start after the consumption of sprouts, but so far had only a small proportion of patients given stem consumption. Because of the already published evidence that the consumption of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce is associated with the outbreak, the RKI out since Thursday a third case-control study, in particular the consumption of salad ingredients, such as Transoms, is investigated as a possible risk factor. Findings from this study will be published as soon as the results. The Robert Koch Institute stands in constant contact with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, which is responsible consumption recommendations and warnings.

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  • Doc Mudd

    It’s about time we send the Minnesota Department of Health to Germany.
    Show ’em how it’s done, finally get those jokers straightened out. What a clown circus!

  • doc raymond

    Minnesota gets the job done as well as anyone, but unless you have been in the shoes of someone trying to find the source, I think you might want to withhold unproductive criticism.

  • Doc Mudd

    Fair enough, I’ll offer one word that could let them off the hook and end their unproductive flailing — poltergeist.
    Simple, traditional and who can prove it isn’t the cause, eh?
    [Not a diagnosis I’ve ever had recourse to while in the shoes…or boots, as the case may be.]

  • John Munsell

    Well, I’ve been in the shoes, had indisputable evidence, which FSIS conveniently ignored in 2002. That’s another story, which may soon become public.
    For the last 6- 8 years or so, I’ve been flabbergasted by the success of the public health officials in Minnesota. I can’t believe that these folks are heads and shoulders above the technical competence of all officials outside the state of Minnesota. My perception is that the Minnesota officials do not operate under artificial restraints imposed by political and judicial authorities, enabling them to compile and release facts with no fear of reprisal. FSIS, take note.
    Doc, you are right: these Minnesota folks should be sent wherever unrestricted epidemiologicaol protocol would benefit public health.
    John Munsell