The only thing good about this story is that they cite to Food Safety News:

  • Theresa Kentner

    I am just appalled that this is allowed to go out unlabeled. I have so many issues with this and I am sure that there are concerns that I haven’t even thought of yet. Wish it were an April Fool’s joke.

  • Doc Mudd

    Meat glue doesn’t sound so appetizing but it could be indispensable for certain wardrobe malfunctions:
    You just never know when you may have to reattach a shoulder strap or baste a hemline, eh?

  • Carl Custer

    1. Dunno if this enzyme is permitted in FSIS-inspected meat but . . .
    2. Mechanically tenderized steaks pose a similar hazard and despite requests from FDA a decade ago, an outbreak over a decade ago, and subsequent outbreaks: the common-sense recommendation to require such labeling (similar to that for previously frozen turkeys) still has not made it out of the gate.
    3. Gluing pieces of muscle together is common for many cooked meat and poultry products. Those nice round boneless turkey breasts and rectangular boneless hams are made up of pieces. They are salted, tumbled to extract protein, put in a casing or mold and cooked. The extracted protein glues the pieces together in one nicely shaped loaf. It’s common and safe. Read the labels . . . if they are available in the deli.